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The Foundation partners with eligible charities as they deliver projects in medical research, education, the creative arts and social care.

Current and Previous Grant Recipients

Alongside other donors, The Spencer Gibson Foundation has supported a growing number of organisations and their programmes.

We’re sure you’ll be impressed by these charities’ accomplishments too. (Why not visit each website and consider your own direct donation?)

Anglicare SA

Grant: 2020
Anglicare SA offers help with housing and homelessness, NDIS services, aged care, foster care, financial counselling and literacy. Key programs assist Aboriginal people, new arrivals, children, youth and families.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation backed a pilot project to prevent homelessness, assist tenants who are at risk, and reduce forced evictions.

Bayley Arts by Bayley House

Grants: 2022–2023
Bayley Arts, an initiative of Bayley House, provides artists of all abilities with opportunities to create art, exhibit art, sell art and be actively involved in the arts community.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation has contributed to the organisation’s refurbished space and programmes of social inclusion.

Berry Street

Grant: 2023
The Berry Street GOALS (Going Out and Living Successfully) program is a holistic support service for young people aged 16–25 years who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Many services that young people rely upon are withdrawn at age eighteen, so GOALS specifically targets this identified gap.
Young residents may have endured systemic oppression and deeply entrenched socioeconomic disadvantage—along with intergenerational trauma. Without support, this cohort of young people often faces poor and unacceptable outcomes.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation helped provide a home for young people and wrap-​around services to support their transition into adulthood.

  The GOALS Program

  The Berry Street story 

First Step

Grant: 2021
First Step offers safe and effective pathways for people suffering from addiction-​related illnesses and mental ill-​health.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation aided a project matching emergency accommodation and longer-​term support to empower people seeking fundamental life changes.

gI Cancer Institute,
Australasian Gastro-​Intestinal Trials Group

Grants: 2018–2023
Since 1991, the GI Cancer Institute has been changing outcomes for people with gastrointestinal cancer.
For a number of years, The Spencer Gibson Foundation has supported research programmes, clinical trials and patient-​centred treatment. Together, the projects have sought innovative therapies for pancreatic, oesophageal, colorectal and neuroendocrine cancers.

Habitat for Humanity Australia

Grant: 2021
Habitat believes in a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation co-​funded the Habitat Women program. By providing building maintenance services, this social enterprise creates quality employment outcomes for young women entering the construction industry.

  The Habitat Women Program

Melbourne Health

Grant: 2022
Melbourne Health’s pioneering Mobile Mental Health Clinic brings mental health outpatient care to people who are homeless. The scheme provides pathways to better health, secure housing and increased social and economic tenure.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation helped to equip the purpose-​built clinic and implement its outreach activities. 

Mercy Works

Grants: 2022–2023
Mercy Connect assists refugee and asylum-​seeker students overcome the educational barriers arising from language, socio-​cultural and economic challenges. Trained volunteers help build the students’ connections to school and the community. Regular mentoring nurtures their self-​esteem and well-​being while boosting their learning engagement, numeracy and literacy.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation’s contribution helped sustain the Mercy Works programme and support additional students.

  Mercy Connect student stories

 Mercy Connect in action at a primary school

Royal Far West Logo

Royal Far West

Grant: 2021
Royal Far West improves the health, education, developmental care and well-​being of children between 0–12 years who live in rural and remote communities.
The Spencer Gibson Foundation assisted a residential program providing diagnostic care, therapeutic recreation and social activities to strengthen resilience and esteem.