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The GI Cancer Institute has been changing outcomes for people with gastro-​intestinal (GI) cancer since 1991. The Spencer Gibson Foundation has provided partial funding to support research concepts and pilot studies to achieve better health outcomes for patients with gastro-​intestinal cancers.

2017 Reno
A study to assess the safety of the watch and wait approach to surgery for locally advanced rectal cancer following chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Principal Investigator Professor Chris Karapetis
2018 Oxtox
Research to reduce the side effects of acute neuropathy caused by chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer.
Principal Investigator Professor Janette Vardy
2019 Forecast One
A study to be conducted on patient derived tumour organoids to identify which treatments are effective for individual patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer.
Principal Investigator Professor Peter Gibbs
2020 Neo-​Impact
Pilot study investigating if treating pancreatic cancer patients with immunotherapy before surgery could result in better responses to treatment and in turn improved survival outcomes.
Principal Investigator Dr Lorraine Chantrill
2020 GI Cancer Innovation Grant
The Spencer Gibson Foundation supported the GI Cancer Innovation Grant which awarded funds to a study in colorectal cancer and two sub studies in pancreatic cancer and neuroendocrine cancer, furthering medical knowledge to improve outcomes and giving hope to people diagnosed with GI cancers.
2021 Clinical Trials
The Spencer Gibson Foundation supported the GI Cancer Institute to undertake clinical trial oversight for government funded trials—Topgear, Paleo and Neo-​Create for patients with gastric, oesophageal or gastro-​oesophageal cancers.