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How do our annual grants work, and how do you apply?

About our Grants

The Foundation welcomes grant applications from eligible Australian charities seeking funding up to A$50,000 per annum. We may agree to multiple-​year funding for suitable charitable partners. The Foundation encourages submissions that demonstrate matched funding from other sources.


Who may apply for a grant?

The Foundation can only consider funding requests from organisations that—

Your organisation may submit a maximum of one application per calendar year.




What does The Foundation Support?

The Foundation focuses on three areas. We encourage applications that—

  • advance research and care for people living with mental health problems or physical conditions such as cancer, heart disease or epilepsy.
  • ease people’s access to community life and spur their growth through education, the arts and creative expression.
  • support people beyond crisis accommodation and into stable long-​term housing.

You should begin by deciding how your charity’s project/​s and priorities align with one or more of these focus areas.



How does my organisation apply for a grant?

Each year, a single funding round opens for Expressions of Interest during February, then follows a step-​by-​step process.

The 2024 funding round has closed to new applicants. We’re thankful for the compelling Expressions of Interest we received. Each one is now being assessed by following this timeline—


  1. Eligibility

    Charitable organisations check the guidelines and funding criteria above to self-​assess their eligibility.

    Early 2024

  2. Expressions of Interest

    Eligible organisations submit an online Expression of Interest form.

    Submissions closed on 1st March 2024

  3. Review

    The Foundation meets to consider all Expressions of Interest. Charities that demonstrate strategic alignment are invited to complete a full application.

    Now underway, March 2024

  4. Formal Applications

    Shortlisted charities progress by submitting a detailed Grant Application form online.

    Submissions open 8th April–3rd May 2024

  5. Assessement

    The Foundation meets to assess Grant Applications and choose final funding partners.

    May 2024

  6. Results

    The Foundation contacts all shortlisted organisations to advise the outcome of their Grant Applications.

    7th June 2024

  7. Funds

    Successful applicants receive grant funds on a schedule agreed with The Foundation.

    Late June 2024

  8. Reporting

    Each organisation’s progress reports and/​or acquittals will be requested by the Foundation’s Trustee approximately 12–15 months after their grant is paid.

    July–October 2025



Apply for the next funding round

Our partners at Equity Trustees oversee each funding round. Visit their website to get started—




What happens next

Equity Trustees will update you as your application proceeds, so please watch for emails from addresses ending

Contact us for further information.



Thank you

The founders and trustees are grateful for your interest and submissions, and we wish you every success for this funding round.