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The Spencer Gibson Foundation

Shaped by the generosity and empathy of Spencer Gibson, 1935–2013, the Foundation helps people through medical research, education, the creative arts and social care.

Spencer at his desk in 1979

Spencer Gibson at Work, 1979

About Spencer Gibson

Spencer Gibson lived with a quiet dignity, humane insight and sparky dry humour.

Established in his memory, The Foundation reflects Spencer’s concern for people who have been marginalised or disadvantaged. It keeps alive his empathy for people facing illness or needing special support.

Spencer believed everyone deserves to find their voice, be heard, included and valued. He wanted people to lead fulfilling, healthy and creative lives, unconstrained by their circumstances.

Our Symbol

Although he grew up in a country town, some of Spencer’s happiest memories were from his 1940s family holidays to Manly in Sydney.

The Foundation’s symbol is the Norfolk Pine—famously, these distinctive trees line the beach shore at Manly.